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PTE Syllabus assesses the Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening skillfulness to ensure that you are capable of studying in an international environment. Additionally, it gives proof of English language proficiency. The PTE exam 2024 syllabus is mainly made up of three units, the Speaking & Writing Section, the Reading Section, and the Listening Section. If you want to excel in the PTE Exam, then you should be aware of the latest PTE syllabus for 2024. The PTE exam is Conducted by Pearson PLC Group, the PTE Academic exam is a computer-based English language test taken by educational institutions for study worldwide, work, or migration. Lately, the PTE exam has likewise been determined for Canada’s SDS study applications.

PTE Syllabus 2024

PTE Syllabus is designed to check the ability of the individual in academics. You can check the PTE Syllabus in the table given below:

PTE Syllabus 2024 For Academics

PTE Sections PTE Courses Total Questions/ Exam Duration
PTE Syllabus for Speaking & Writing Section Personal Introduction Total Number of Questions: 28 – 36Duration: 54 – 67 minutes
Read Aloud
Repeat Sentence
Describe Image
Re-Tell Lecture
Answer Short Questions
Summarize Written Text
PTE  Syllabus for Reading Section Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks Total Number of Questions: 13 – 18Duration: 29 – 30 minutes
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
Re-order Paragraphs
Fill in the Blanks
Multiple Choice, Single Answer
PTE  Syllabus for  Listening Section Summarize Spoken Text Total Number of Questions: 12 – 20Duration: 30 – 43 minutes 
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
Fill in the Blanks
Highlight Correct Summary
Multiple Choice, Single Answer
Select Missing Word
Highlight Incorrect Words
Write From Dictation

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PTE Syllabus 2024 For General

The International Certification (PTE General) evaluates the ability to communicate in English rather than test-taking skills. The PTE General Syllabus is divided into two parts: a written paper and a spoken test. It helps to major the ability in the four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

PTE Section (General) Skills measured / Total marks Total Questions/Duration
Written Section listening, reading, and writing skills Total score: 75 Total Number of Questions: 9 tasksDuration: Varies
Spoken Interview speaking skills Total score: 25 Total Number of Questions: 4 sectionsDuration: Varies

Written Section – PTE Syllabus

PTE Syllabus by the Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic) helps to assess the Speaking & Writing, Reading, and Listening skills, skills of the candidates to ensure that they are skilled in studying in the global surroundings, with a good grip of the universal language of English. By scoring well on this test, scholars can assure the admission board as well as the visa officers that they are qualified to understand the globally accepted official language while studying in a foreign land.

A good score on the test also ensures that candidates would be able to represent their views, give presentations, work to achieve international exposure, and position on the international front in front of foreign audiences. This allows applicants to ensure that they are prepared to study with students from all over the world and international faculty members in the universal official language.

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Speaking & Writing Section – PTE Syllabus

Syllabus for the PTE Speaking and Writing Section tests the candidates based on their two major skills of communication, which are spoken and written skills. The Speaking & Writing of the PTE section is about 54 – 67 minutes long in the PTE exam and the section contains seven different question types. The Speaking & Writing section is the longest part of the PTE test. The candidate’s speaking and writing skills will be tested using English that they might encounter in an academic setting.

This section consists of seven small sections that test your promptness in speaking and writing the written test, which you will read for the first time. The entire section lasts 54 to 67 minutes, with the following segments taking up the time:

PTE Syllabus 2024: Speaking & Writing Section

Number of Questions Segment Time to answer (approx)
1 Personal Introduction    Total of 55 seconds: 25 seconds for prompt and then 30 seconds to record
6 – 7 Read Aloud 30 to 40 seconds will be given to prepare for reading out the text of 60 words
10 – 12 Repeat Sentence 15 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 15 seconds to record
3 – 4 Describe Image you will get 25 seconds to study the image as well as prepare your response on the same
1 – 2 Re-Tell Lecture 90 seconds for the prompt length along  with 10 seconds to prepare, and 40 seconds to answer the prompt
5 – 6 Answer Short Question Total to 20 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt and importantly 10 seconds to answer
1 – 2 Summarize Written Text 10 minutes to answer the text prompt of 300 words so to check the ability
1 – 2 Essay Writing 20 minutes to answer to text prompt of 2-3 sentences to check the presence of mind
Total Questions: 28 – 36   Time Allocation: 54 – 67 minutes

PTE Syllabus Exam 2024: Reading Section: Duration: 29-30 minutes

PTE Reading Section Syllabus includes the comprehension of the written instructions in the language tested in this stage. The next section, which is broken up into five parts, lasts between 29 and 30 minutes. Let’s examine the distribution of this section’s segment-wise pattern:

Segment Number of Questions Task
Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer 1 – 2 Read 300 words of text to choose one response relevant to the question
Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers 1 – 2 After reading 300 words, select many pertinent answers to the question.
Re-Order Paragraphs 2 – 3 Read out the 150 words of text and rearrange the paragraphs in the right order to confirm your answer
Reading: Fill in the Blanks 5 – 6 After reading 80 words, drag the words to fill in the blanks.
Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks 4 – 5 Read 300 words of text to drag the words to fill the gaps
Total Total Questions: 13 – 18 Time Allocation: 29 – 30 minutes

PTE Syllabus Exam 2024: Listing Section: Duration: 30 – 43 minutes

PTE Academic Listening Section Syllabus lasts between thirty to forty-three minutes. This one is meant to measure the candidate’s comprehension of spoken English.

Segment Number of Questions Task
Summarize Spoken Text 1 – 2 60-90 seconds to skim and proofread the text. 10 minutes for writing the 50-70 word summary
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer 1 – 2 40 to 90 seconds to listen to audio. Then you will be required to choose more than one response relevant to the question
Fill in the Blanks 2 – 3 30 to 60 seconds to listen to a recording and fill in the gaps in the transcript
Highlight Correct Summary 1 – 2 Take a 30-90-second listen, then select the summary that most closely matches the recording.
Multiple Choice, Single Answer 1 – 2 30 to 60 seconds to listen to the audio and the to choose one response relevant to the question
Select Missing Word 1 – 2 Take 20–70 seconds to hear the audio and select the word that is missing to finish the recording.
Highlight Incorrect Words 2 – 3 15-50 seconds to listen to a recording. identify the words that differ in the transcript and audio to select the answer
Write From Dictation 3 – 4 3-5 seconds to listen and respond out the sentence
Total Total Questions: 12 – 20 Time Allocation: 30 – 43 minutes

PTE Pattern

PTE Exam Pattern is important for candidates to understand that the PTE syllabus and exam pattern are complementary. The PTE syllabus is comprised of the PTE exam pattern. The following is the PTE Exam Pattern for 2024.

PTE Pattern – Highlights

PTE Format Details
PTE Exam Pattern An English language exam has been developed to test the Speaking & Writing Skills (54 – 67 minutes) and listening skills (30 – 43 minutes) of candidates wanting to study abroad in an English-speaking country.  And Reading skills (29 – 30 minutes)
PTE Exam Duration 2 hours in a Single test session
Medium OF The Exam Computer-based with headset
Mode Of The Exam Taken in a test center / Home Edition
Test Type Assesses real-life English
Test Layout 20 question types

Types of Questions in the PTE Syllabus

Reading: SummarizeMultiple choice answers in the blanksWrite from dictationHighlight incorrect words 
Speaking and Writing: Fill in the blanks multiple choice answers-order paragraphs 
Listening: SummarizeMultiple choice answers in the blanks Write from dictationHighlight incorrect words 

PTE Exam Preparation

As with any exam preparation, you have the option to prepare for the PTE by studying alone or by enrolling in a PTE tutoring institution. You must determine whether you have sufficient time and money to choose one or both options, so the last say in the matter. More and more people are turning to newer study strategies, such as online PTE preparation. It covers coaching class techniques in addition to independent study. You enroll in an online course and study from the convenience of your own home. You must first consider your criteria before deciding on the most effective PTE exam preparation strategy. Additionally available to candidates are PTE Sample Papers. 

Speaking & Writing Section Tips

  • Stress on words that carry important information
  • Use punctuation to decide when to pause while reading
  • listen to the phrasing of the sentence
  • Note the stress and intonation pattern of sentences
  • Focus on the main information of the image
  • Organize your description of the image
  • Make good use of the image to predict the topic of the lecture
  • Make good use of the 40 seconds of speaking time
  • DO NOT pause for too long
  • Avoid giving long answers
  • Provide your response in the correct form
  • Practice complex and compound sentences 
  • Analyze the task
  • Analyze the essay prompt

Reading Section Tips

  • Read before and after the blank to help you identify the correct word
  • Skim for overall meaning to help you choose the correct word
  • Read before and after the blank to help you identify the correct word
  • Note any repeated words in the option
  • Read all the text boxes quickly before you start re-ordering them
  • It is important to find the topic sentence first
  • Use your knowledge of grammar to help you select the correct word
  • Think of commonly used words
  • Note the keywords in the prompt before you read the text
  • Evaluate response options 

Listening Section Tips

  • Make sure you summarize the main point and include supporting details
  • remember to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Take notes of the main points and supporting details
  • Select for meaning not just to match the words you hear
  • Skim the text before the recording begins
  • Use your erasable noteboard booklet to write words you hear for the blanks
  • Take notes and match them to the correct summary
  • Skim the question-and-answer options before you listen to understand the topic 
  • Focus on the kind of information you need
  • Candidates are advised to listen carefully to the audio as it will only be played once
  • Try to quickly read the transcript 
  • Follow the text with the cursor 
  • Type as many correct words you can remember into the box in the correct order

PTE Registration 2024

Candidates wishing to register for the PTE 2024 exam will need to follow the steps mentioned below to successfully register for their PTE exam. Candidates should note that to register for PTE Academic online, you need a valid identification document – ​​a valid Indian passport. 

PTE test at home

Pearson Implemented by PLC Group is the agency which is responsible for organizing the PTE exam, the PTE at home test is a PTE online academic test conducted for the safety at home of PTE test takers. However, before you rush to register for the PTE at home test, there are some important factors to keep in mind before registering for the PTE at home test online.

PTE Test Dates 2024

The PTE test is conducted year-round at designated PTE testing centres nationwide. PTE 2024 exam dates may vary from centre to centre. Students should search for available seats on the Pearson PTE Academic website. Simply select the test centres and you can now choose the closest to you and click next. The website will prompt you to access a calendar with test dates.

PTE Results and Scores

PTE results are usually available online within two business days of the test date. PTE study results are published online. And accessible from your PTE Academic student account.

How valid are PTE test results?

PTE Academic test results are valid for 2 years.

Can I export how many times in the PTE Academic Exam?

Pearson Implemented by PLC Group has not set any limit on the number of times candidates can take the PTE 2024 exam. Candidates can take the exam with a duration of 5 days. Therefore, candidates can take the PTE Academic exam as many times as they want.


What does the PTE syllabus cover?

    The PTE syllabus covers four main sections: Speaking & Writing, Reading, Listening, and Enabling Skills. Each section evaluates different language abilities.

    How can I prepare for the Speaking & Writing section?

      For Speaking & Writing, focus on improving your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Practice speaking and writing regularly to build confidence.

      What topics are included in the Reading section?

        The Reading section includes various topics like academic articles, newspapers, and advertisements. It tests your comprehension and vocabulary skills.

        How is the Listening section structured?

          In the Listening section, you’ll hear recordings of different accents and topics. Pay attention to details and practice summarizing what you hear.

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