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SAT exam pattern includes the two main sections named the Reading and Writing (RW) and Math tested on the SAT which are now digital. Both the sections of the exam are scored separately between 200 and 800. The test questions of the digital SAT are MCQ based on some mathematics questions. You will be asked to write the answers instead of selecting an answer. Moreover, one is the main advantages of the SAT exam is that there is no negative scoring which means no marks will be deducted if you have answered incorrectly. There have been some changes to the 2023 SAT format, such as the overall SAT schedule has been reduced, calculator use is allowed for all math questions, and only one composite section is read and written.

SAT Exam Digital Pattern Highlights 2024

The highlights of the SAT exam Digital Pattern are given below:

SAT Digital Parameters SAT Digital Reading & Writing (RW) Section SAT Digital Math Section
 Format Two sections: One is the evidence based Reading and Writing section. Both are administered separately timed moduled accordingly. Two sections: The math section is administered via two separately timed modules in the new pattern.
  Test length (total operational and pretest questions) 1st module:25 operational questions2 pretest questions2nd module:25 operational questions2 pretest questions 1st module:20 operational questions2 pretest questions2nd module:20 operational questions2 pretest questions
Time Duration 1st module & 2nd module: 32 minutes each 1st module & 2nd module: 35 minutes each
Total Questions 54 44
Total Time Allocated 64 minutes 70 minutes
Scores Reported Total score calculation: SAT RW section + SAT Math section scores = 1600
Question Type(s) Discrete; MCQs with four options MCQ (75%) and student-produced response (SPR)(25%)
Topics Tested Literature, history/social studies, humanities, and science Science, Social Science, and real-world related topics
Informational Graphics Tested; includes tables, bar graphs, and line graphs. Also tested

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SAT 2024 Exam Pattern

The SAT sample includes two parts of the SAT. The first is the SAT Reading & Writing (RW) section and the second is the SAT Math. The SAT format has changed and become simpler and standard for all international students. Previously, the SAT was divided into a reasoning test and a subject test with an optional essay.

Currently, the SAT testing model only includes testing the RW and Math sections based on general knowledge, and the SAT score is calculated by each section, equivalent to a total score of 1,600. Additionally, international students are not required to take SAT subjects or can choose optional tests when registering for the SAT.

Latest 2024 SAT exam sample

The SAT is mainly objective and lasts a total of 2 hours and 14 minutes. Applicants are expected to answer a total of 98 test questions in both the RW and Math sections of the SAT. 

Here is the latest SAT exam/test pattern for 2024 for students who want to prepare for their upcoming SAT reasoning exam for higher education in universities/colleges in the country outside.

The SAT has two main sections, and both SAT sections are scored on a similar scale of 1600.

Check out the SAT section splits for upcoming 2024 SAT dates for international students:

SAT Sections 2024 Number of Questions Tested Total Duration (mins)
Reading & Writing 54 64
Mathematics 44 70
Total 98 134

SAT Pattern 2024 with Score Range

SAT Section and number of questions Time Duration (mins) Score Range
Reading + Writing(54 MCQ-Questions) 64 minutes SAT Reading & Writing score range: 200 to 800
Break 10 minutes
Math(33 MCQs + 11 SPR-type Questions) 70 minutes SAT Math score range: 200 to 800

Both methods have their advantages and are equally effective with quantifiable benefits. Many students find it difficult to take the SAT exam. Therefore, candidates need to take as many SAT practice/SAT practice tests as possible so that they can self-assess their SAT preparation and take.

Until February 2023, the existing SAT testing model remains unchanged, but with the advent of the digital SAT, a new SAT model is also introduced. SAT samples for the digital test are available outside the US state.


SAT Pattern has been changed recently and there is now the exam is divided into two sections, one is mathematics and the second section is evidence-based writing and reading. You can always refer to many of the different sample papers to score good marks. When you practice more and more questions, it allows you to get the benefits of understanding the pattern and helps you to gain in-depth knowledge of the different subjects that are likely to come up in the test.


What is the SAT exam?

    The SAT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States and Canada. When you are looking to take admission to UG courses then you need to appear.

    How many sections are there in the SAT?

      The SAT has two main sections: Reading, Writing, and Language, Math (No Calculator), and Math (Calculator Allowed).

      What is the total time of the SAT exam?

        The total time for the SAT is 3 hours without the essay and 3 hours 50 minutes with the essay.

        What is the scoring range for the SAT?

          The SAT scoring range is 400-1600, combining scores from the Reading and Writing sections (200-800 each) and Math (200-800).

          Can I take the SAT multiple times?

            Yes, you can take the SAT multiple times to improve your score. Colleges generally consider your highest score.

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