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The SAT exam measures the critical thinking and skills that you have. It is essential for academics in colleges or universities. The SAT exam helps to assess how you will analyze and solve different problems. At the same time, it measures the skills you have learned in school and will be important in college and at the university. The SAT examination is typically taken by high school juniors or seniors to get admission to the top universities. Each section of the examination has a score of 200 to 800, with two writing sections for the multiple choice and the essay.

Each official SAT mock test contains a question that can be asked on the actual exam. It includes all the questions that were asked in the past. This comprehensive guide will help you to find out the material for the practice tests. When you practice these test papers, it will help you understand the SAT examination in more detail. You will get familiar with the format, and style of the questions, and help you to study better. We will also discuss how to use this practice paper to improve and get the most improvement possible for your examination.

Unscored Section of SAT Exam

There is a 25-minute long section, which is known as the unscored section. This section includes the questions of the reading, and mathematics in a multiple choice question format. Generally, the score of the unscored section does not come to the final score but it is used to try out the new portion for future editions of the test. As it helps to assess if there is a comparable score to earlier editions of the test.

What is the purpose of the SAT mock test?

The SAT Mock test is an important thing as it helps you to analyze your preparation for the actual examination. 

When you solve the full mock test, you will be able to understand the format of the exam and the other things listed below:

  1. You can acquaint yourself with the SAT exam’s structure, format, and schedule by taking practice exams. This can help to lower your nervousness and perform with greater confidence on test day by being exposed to the test conditions in advance.
  2. You can evaluate your degree of preparation and pinpoint your areas of strength and weakness by taking practice exams. You can strategically concentrate your study
  3. On the actual SAT exam day, time management is essential because you only have a certain amount of time to finish each part. You can practice pacing yourself and responding to questions within the allotted time limits by taking the SAT mock exam.
  4. Schedule a specific time in your study plan to routinely take extended practice exams. As much as possible, try to mimic the testing conditions by selecting a quiet area, removing any distractions, and keeping to the allotted time limitations.
  5. After finishing every practice exam, give your performance a careful analysis. Go over each question you answered wrong and note the reasons behind your errors. Keep an eye out for any trends or subjects that you find difficult to learn or understand.
  6. Make the most of your practice tests to help you prioritize your study time. By going over pertinent material again, practicing specific exercises, and getting further help as necessary, concentrate on fortifying your areas of weakness.
  7. During your mock exams, try out several test taking techniques to see which one suits you the best. Techniques to try include answering challenging questions, time management, and staying focused during the exam.
  8. Handle every practice test as though it were the actual SAT. Observe the timing and pacing guidelines, utilize authorized materials, and follow the official directions. You’ll feel more at ease and assured when taking the test as a result.

After finishing the mock test in its entirety, give yourself some time to evaluate how you performed overall and consider your development. Appreciate your accomplishments, admit your shortcomings, and modify your study schedule as necessary. This would help you to plan and manage all the things during the actual SAT exam date.

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Introduction To The Set Practice Test

Digital Set Practice Test (2023–present)

In 2022, the college board announced that the SET would soon be administered only on a computer. The new digital format of the examination would be the standardized exam, which will begin in March 2023 for all international students and in March 2024 for US students. After the year 2024, pen and paper tests will only be available to students with testing accommodations. 

If you are taking the test on paper after the year 2024, you will be required to use the practice tests that were created for the digital set. The new digital update is bringing changes to the test, so it is best to practice that test with that model of the new format. Therefore, If you are going to take the SAT exam digitally, you will be required to take a digital practice test.


If you are taking the actual SAT exam, there is a blue book free for you. The College Board online testing lab form provides you with the practice exam in bluebook form. The four available practice tests provide a better understanding of the material and the score of the online test. There are many useful tools for you to prepare for the new digital examination. In addition to the full length exams, the book offers you a preview of the individual portions of the actual examination. Even those are useful if you are trying to get out of the new digital format and know what kind of problems and readings you can expect in the examination.

To practice the SAT mock exam, you can download the free new book exam app and you will be easily able to solve all the practice examinations. If you do not have a device at home or need to practice testing the actual set on a tablet or laptop provided by a school, you will be required to ask for permission before downloading the blue book to a campus revision to complete the mock test. 

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Difference Between The Old SAT And The Digital SAT

Recognize that the timing and structure are altered. Unlike the old, which had two sections, the new SAT includes just two portions and does not flip between subjects. On the digital SAT, reading portions are substantially shorter, and each snippet will have a single question to respond to. However, the reading passages and questions in these outdated SAT practice exams are still helpful for honing your comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Similar grammar abilities are examined in writing on the SAT, although the style of the test is different and involves passages. You can practice important SAT grammar rules by using these previous SAT exams. The format of the math portion of the SAT remains the same, but it emphasizes more on algebra and advanced math, with fewer questions on geometry, trigonometry, data analysis, and problem solving. 

If you are planning for the SAT Mock exam, then you could practice math on these past examinations, but make sure you concentrate more on the abilities that are being assessed on the SAT. Overall, if you have scored well on the SAT exam, this opens up the opportunity to get the top-ranked college.


The SAT exam is a crucial academic test for college and university admission. It measures critical thinking and skills, with sections ranging from 200 to 800. The unscored section is used to test the new format. The digital set practice test will begin in March 2023 for international students and in March 2024 for US students. The SAT has changed from two sections to two, with shorter reading portions. The practice exams help evaluate preparation and identify areas of strength and weakness. If you are looking to practice and appear for the SAT exam then you can easily do.


What is an SAT mock test?

    An SAT mock test is a practice exam designed to simulate the format, structure, and timing of the actual SAT exam. It allows you to familiarize yourself with the test conditions and assess your readiness for the real exam.

    How does taking an SAT mock test benefit students?

      Taking an SAT mock test provides you with several benefits, which include the opportunity to gauge strengths and weaknesses, practice time management skills, and become familiar with the types of questions you will be able to encounter on the actual exam.

      How often should you take SAT mock tests?

        It is recommended that you should take SAT mock tests regularly as part of your SAT preparation routine. Ideally, you should schedule mock tests at intervals throughout their study period to track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and adjust their study strategies accordingly.

        Are SAT mock tests similar to the actual SAT exam?

          Yes, SAT mock tests closely resemble the actual SAT exam in terms of format, structure, content, and timing. By replicating the test conditions as closely as possible, mock tests provide you with an authentic testing experience to better prepare you for the real exam.

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