STOP a Colleague from Harassing You

No matter what industry you are in or the type of workplace you have, there is always a case of workplace harassment reported. From simple bullying and discrimination to sexual harassment, every instance of workplace harassment affects the entire workplace.

Unfortunately, victims tend to clam up when harassment happens to them because they don’t know how their employers will act on the report or how the harassers will act. There is also the trauma that is brought by the harassment, especially if it is very severe.

If it happens to you or to someone you know, here are some tips on how you can stop a colleague from harassing you and avoid further harassment:

Do Not Retaliate Directly

Reacting to the harassment will only escalate and complicate the case further. If they try to taunt you, do not react aggressively or respond. If you believe you are in danger from your harassers, make sure you get yourself to safety.

If you want to resolve the issue, you can approach the harasser privately and ask why you are being harassed. If they respond, discuss with them how you can improve things between you and cause them to stop the harassment. If they react negatively, escape and report the case to your superiors.

Report Immediately

When harassment occurs, you should report it immediately. You can report it to your team leader, work union, the police, or the Ministry of Manpower. Ensure you have the proper evidence and witnesses ready when you make your report, as this can streamline the case.

Distance Yourself

You can also distance yourself first from your harassers or from anyone who looks like they may harass you as well. If your workplace will not prevent this from happening, take note of all your possible escape routes and use them if needed.

Don’t Complain To Your Team

There’s no point in complaining about your situation to your team because they are powerless. You can ask them to be your witnesses, but they may water down their testimony depending on how they feel about the accused and you. It is highly recommended that you talk to your head to get the case reviewed.

Seek Legal Advice And Sanctions

If you believe that the harassment has gone too far or you wish to seek sanctions against your harassers, you should speak to a lawyer or the police about possible measures.

Look for Counselling

Depending on the type and frequency of harassment, it can affect your social and emotional psyche in ways you may not be aware of. Before returning to work after seeking the best action against your harassers, speak to a counsellor to help you understand and recover from your experience.

Workplace harassment should never be tolerated since it can affect you, the victim, and the rest of the team. Please don’t wait; take the necessary steps when it happens to you. When your harassers see that you do not tolerate their actions, it may cause them to rethink their actions and prevent others from following along.

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