Store Manager Job Description: All Key Roles and Duties

Tailor your resume using this Store Manager job description

By tailoring your resume to meet the requirements and specifications of the role you’re applying for, you have a much higher chance of getting noticed and securing an interview. In this article, we’ll take a look at a Store Manager job description and share advice on how to tailor your resume to land the job. 

What is a Store Manager?

A Store Manager works in a retail environment, managing both the store and its staff to increase profitability, deliver great customer service, and keep products on the shelves. Take a look at our sample Store Manager job description below to find out what is expected of a Store Manager on a daily basis. 

Why should I tailor my resume?

By taking a few moments to make sure your resume aligns with the Store Manager job description, you’ll impress hiring managers by highlighting your suitability for the role. They’ll immediately be able to see that you have the skills, experience, and qualifications they’re looking for. Your resume will also contain the keywords you need to make sure your resume is found (and ranked highly) when recruiters search their ATS for suitable candidates. 

Remember, too, that recruiters and hiring managers have limited time but may receive hundreds of applications for a single role. They don’t spend long on an initial scan of a resume. This means that if you can show off your relevant skills at a glance, they’re more likely to progress your application or spend longer evaluating your suitability. 

How do I tailor my resume?

It doesn’t take long to make sure your resume checks all the right boxes. First, read through the job description and note any required skills or experience that have. Then, use keywords you find in the Store Manager job description throughout your resume, in whichever section they fit best. 

Expert tip: Try to mirror the words from the Store Manager job description. For example, if the company is looking for someone with customer service skills, use the words “customer service” rather than “customer care” or “guest service.”

We’ll look at how to tailor your resume in greater detail below. 

What does a Store Manager job description look like? 

Most Store Manager job adverts follow a similar pattern. They’ll contain the following information: 

  • An overview of the role 

  • An overview of the company 

  • A summary of the Store Manager’s responsibilities 

  • A list of requirements

  • Compensation – remuneration, other benefits, and perks (sometimes)

  • Application instructions

The company overviews and compensation are for your information only to make sure you know exactly what you’re applying for. If you’re happy with what you see here, it’s time to get your resume in shape!

The list of requirements is the most important section to focus on. Try to cover as many of these points as possible when you tailor your resume. Have a look at the responsibilities section, too, and note any that are currently missing from your resume. If you can tie in some of the responsibilities to achievement-oriented bullets, you’re onto a winner. 

Finally, make sure you follow any instructions given at the end of the posting before you send off your application!

Store Manager job description – an example 

Store Manager role overview

You will be required to:

  • Develop strategies to improve customer service, drive store sales, increase profitability, and create store policies and marketing programs that will increase sales and grow the existing customer base

  • Ensure customer needs are met, complaints are resolved and service is quick and efficient

  • Ensure all products and displays are merchandised effectively to maximize sales and profitability

  • Forecast staffing needs and develop a recruiting strategy to provide optimal staffing in all areas

Company overview: 

Acme Corp is a retailer specializing in luxury electronic goods. We are a market leader in our sector, with 150 stores across the US employing over 400,000 staff. Our teams are built on a commitment to customer service, integrity, and a belief in the power of technology. 

Store Manager responsibilities and duties 

  • Manage store operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees

  • Recruit, select, orient and train employees

  • Maintain results by coaching, counseling and disciplining employees

  • Prepare annual budget, schedule expenditure, analyze variances and initiate corrective actions

  • Identify current and future customer requirements by establishing rapport with potential and existing customers

  • Ensure availability of merchandise and marketing products in store 

  • Secure merchandise by implementing security systems and measures

  • Protect employees and customers by providing a safe and clean store environment

  • Maintain the stability and reputation of the store by complying with legal requirements

  • Provide training to improve the knowledge base of the staff and use cross-training methods to maintain productivity when employees are absent

  • Manage all controllable costs to keep operations profitable

  • Manage stock levels and make key decisions about inventory control

  • Analyze sales figures, forecast future sales and interpret trends to facilitate planning

  • Ensure standards for quality, customer service, and health and safety are met

  • Respond to customer complaints and comments

  • Organize special promotions, displays and events

  • Update colleagues on business performance, new initiatives, and other pertinent issues

  • Maintain awareness of market trends in the retail industry, understanding forthcoming customer initiatives and monitoring what local competitors are doing

  • Initiate changes to improve the business, e.g. revising opening hours to ensure the store can compete effectively in the local market

Store Manager required skills and knowledge

Please apply if you: 

  • Have at least five years’ experience in retail and one year experience in leadership 

  • Are able to motivate a team, delegate work fairly, and contribute as a team player

  • Have a relentless commitment to delivering customer service excellence and building strong customer relationships 

  • Can show knowledge of budgeting, marketing, strategic planning, and vendor relationship management 

  • Have sound knowledge of technology products and the current retail environment 

  • Consistently deliver results and have first-class sales skills

  • Are highly organized and able to communicate well both verbally and in writing 

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in any subject

Store Manager compensation

In addition to a salary of $56,000 per annum, we offer perks like 14 days of paid time off, free gym membership, and health insurance. 

To apply

Send your resume with a cover letter to [email protected] by August 15th. Cover letters should be no longer than one page and both documents must be in Word format. 

How to write a Store Manager resume

Let’s take a closer look at how you can tailor your resume to match the Store Manager job description.  

Which parts of your resume should you tailor?

Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting you rewrite your resume every time you apply for a role. Focus on these key sections to make sure you’re getting the right keywords in: 


Use the words “Store Manager” in the headline – this is an easy change to make to bring your resume in line with the job description. We have more advice on writing your headline here.

Profile summary

If you’ve already written a strong profile summary, there’s no need to start from scratch. You do need to read through it, though, to make sure you’ve included some of the most in-demand skills and keywords from the Store Manager job description. 


This section will certainly need to show you’re up to the job! While simply duplicating the skills list from the job description won’t win you any awards, you should cover the main ones – as long as you can prove you have them! 


You’ll definitely need to include some Store Manager responsibilities in your resume. Again, this isn’t a section you’ll need to write from scratch every time, but you certainly want to make sure you’ve included plenty of keywords – and provided evidence that you excel by tying your skills into quantifiable achievements


It should go without saying, but if any particular qualifications or certifications are mentioned in the job description, make sure you include them!

Land your next role in retail!

Now you know what’s expected of a Store Manager and can use the Store Manager job description to build a resume aligned with the requirements of the role. You’ll be in a leadership position in no time!

Tailoring a resume isn’t difficult, but if you’d like the reassurance that you’re on the right track, why not send it for a free resume review? Our experts will provide you with feedback that will help you with those finishing touches. 

This article has been updated by Jen David.

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