Tom Anderson’s strategy bridges ad technologies and native services

Tom Anderson, CEO of a rising programmatic service company, is primed to enroll unique “native-as-a-service” solutions to Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs). The experienced innovator, who has worked with notable names such as Emodo and TripleLift, aspires to thread the needle between conventional ad technologies and modern native services.

Envisioning a breakthrough in the ad tech terrain, the company strives to extend a range of robust, yet flexible, solutions to SSPs. In the pursuit of innovation, it underscores the importance of greater user experience and revenue optimization for its clients.

While native advertising is advancing, many SSPs are apprehensive about delving into native product development due to custom units’ design complexities. Anderson’s quietly founded venture seeks to build a potent native tech infrastructure, enabling SSPs to efficiently and cost-effectively assimilate native advertising into their operational models.

The company introduced their initiative in the recent tech summit and sparked the industry stakeholders’ curiosity. The next step in their journey involves a rigorous regimen of research and development, aiming to unlock advanced features in the native tech sector.

Anderson’s company presents its tech solutions to SSP clients, equipping them to leverage native advertising and giving them a competitive edge. Offering comprehensive, unique, and forward-thinking strategies, the company anticipates to revolutionise the native ad sector.

The deployment of native ad strategies is not only intended to keep pace with current advertising trends but also to forecast future movements, ensuring SSP clients remain industry pacesetters.

Bridge between ad tech and native services

Anderson’s clever strategies promise growth and increased market influence for SSP clients.

The technology supplied by Anderson’s company can morph a conventional banner ad request into a multi-format request, facilitating the adaptive integration of various ad forms such as native images, video, and interactive content. The upshot is an enhanced user experience, increased click-through rates, and potentially, higher ad revenue.

Drawing attention to AI’s capability, COO Priti Ohri shares that the company utilises this pioneering technology to generate thousands of unique native placements for publishers. This innovative approach not only accelerates the process but also maintains superior quality and consistent user experience across platforms.

Anderson’s company showcases a selective yet strategic client base. As they view native Connected TV (CTV) as an essential future feature, the company also values the power of durable partnerships. This balance provides a steady bedrock for the company’s infinite potential and continuing expansion.

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