Top 6 Healthcare Courses in UK 2024 | UG & PG Programs

The UK’s healthcare sector is flourishing at a rapid pace. If you want to pursue a healthcare career, consider pursuing it in one of the finest countries, such as the UK.


If you have a strong desire to improve people’s lives with healthcare courses in UK, you can consider exploring top healthcare courses such as Medicine, Nursing, and Biomedical Sciences at renowned universities like Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College London. 


According to NHS Workforce Statistics, the National Health Industry serves about 1.4 million people, making it one of the biggest employers in the nation. This growth and potential should fill you with optimism and confidence about your future in healthcare.


In this blog, you will learn about the admission process to begin your journey in the field. The UK offers plenty of job opportunities, ensuring a bright future in healthcare! So, let’s get into the blog to learn about it more.

Why Study Healthcare Courses in UK?

Did you know that everyone living in England has access to free healthcare? Additionally, treatment in emergency rooms and for some infectious diseases is provided at no cost to non-EU visitors or undocumented immigrants.


Healthcare Courses in UK


Consider pursuing healthcare courses in the UK if you wish to gain excellent international experience, outstanding healthcare education, or practical exposure to some of the best cutting-edge medical technologies available today:


Access to Best Healthcare Universities: Seventy universities in the UK are listed among the top healthcare institutions in the world by the QS World University Rankings. Additionally, you can enrol in any of the many top-tier healthcare institutions, knowing that your degree will be respected no matter where you go after graduation.


Boost Your Employability: One of the fastest-growing industries is healthcare, and because there is a strong demand for graduates, health universities have good employment rates. You may be sure that once you graduate, there will always be a strong need for your talents and experience because as people grow older, there is a need for professionals who can care for and support them. 


High Job Satisfaction: Your work will instantly satisfy you because you are improving the lives of so many people every day that you work. Caring for people and seeing your patients improve is incredibly fulfilling because of your dedication and hard work.

Top Healthcare Courses in UK

Studying in the UK will give students great exposure and enhance their employability. A modern curriculum allows candidates to pursue global educational and career prospects. Below are the various specialisations available for students pursuing healthcare management courses or MScs in public health in the UK.


Mental Health

Approximately 25% of people worldwide suffer from mental health issues. Approximately 20% of kids and teenagers worldwide suffer from a mental health issue. And after the pandemic, the numbers are rising. 


Thus, there is a dire need for professionals in the UK and around the world who are qualified to care for and assist people with mental health issues. Therefore, postgraduate health courses in mental wellness offered by the UK are among the greatest possibilities for Indian students interested in studying healthcare.


A postgraduate program in mental health takes a year to complete. A bachelor’s degree in psychology, nursing, or any other suitable field is required. Any further documentation that may be needed and may vary from university to university is also required. The English language proficiency requirement and a statement of purpose are also required.



Physiotherapy is a highly popular postgraduate healthcare course among Indian students at UK universities. Most UK universities provide MSc programs for Indian students that are intended to help people become licensed physiotherapists.


Generally required two years to finish, the MSc program in physiotherapy requires a bachelor’s degree in a related field in addition to a minimum English Language score of 7.0 in the IELTS. Moreover, Indian students for the MSc program must meet additional requirements for admission to the particular university of their choice.


Clinical Research

Clinical research is a common foundation for postgraduate health courses in the UK, and it is an excellent choice for those who want to work in clinical and health-related research. Indian students have two options: they can enrol in the longer MSc program or pick the more thorough P.G. certificate or diploma, which covers the essential ideas and techniques of clinical research.


You can obtain a postgraduate certification and diploma without doing any research; however, you can obtain an MSc degree if you fulfil the research requirement after completing the program.


Clinical research courses last anywhere from one to three years. The course’s actual duration will vary depending on your chosen university and study level. Indian students for this program must fulfil all additional university admission requirements in addition to possessing a Bachelor’s degree in relevant disciplines.



Nutrition is one of the other popular postgraduate healthcare courses offered in the United Kingdom, and it is in greater demand worldwide. Students who enrol in postgraduate nutrition programs are prepared with an understanding of nutrition and how it is related to certain health concerns.


After earning a master’s degree in nutrition, you can specialise in related areas such as clinical nutrition, public health and nutrition, obesity, weight management, and exercise and sports nutrition.


A bachelor’s degree in nutrition or any other comparable science field is usually required for admission to a master’s program in nutrition, which lasts one year to finish. Before applying for admission, review the particular requirements of the university of your choice.


Health Informatics

Health informatics is amongst the fastest-growing professional domains in the UK and globally. Because the digitisation of healthcare is becoming increasingly important and necessary, enrolling in a postgraduate course in health informatics will familiarise you with the importance of information technology in developing patient-focused healthcare systems, connecting different healthcare systems, and utilising data to identify patterns and promote advancements.


Health informatics is a great option for those who want to work in healthcare but are not interested in clinical settings. A master’s degree in health informatics typically takes one year to complete. A bachelor’s degree in related field is required.



UK universities enable students to cultivate advanced specialised skill sets for nurses to meet patient needs because the country is home to top-notch healthcare facilities, including internationally renowned hospitals. However, the nursing courses offered by U.K. universities are not limited to local students but are also offered to Indian students. 


The MSc program for nurses in postgraduate health courses in the United Kingdom is a highly respected course that UK universities offer to Indian students. The goal is to prepare students for higher roles in clinical practice, leadership, education, and research. The majority of master’s degree programs last one to two years and offer specialisation in learning impairments, mental health, adults, or children.

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Top Universities Offering Healthcare Courses in UK

Whether applying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in healthcare management in the UK, students need to know the best universities. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top universities in the United Kingdom and an estimate of their tuition costs.


QS Subject Ranking: Healthcare



University of Oxford


38,670 – 47,410 GBP

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Applied Cancer Science MSc, Clinical Medicine DPhil

University of Cambridge


63,990 GBP (For UG)

Standard Course in Medicine (A100), Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine (CGCM)

University College London


28,500 GBP –

47,000 GBP

Applied Medical Sciences BSc, MBBS

Imperial College London


37,800.00 – 46,650.00 GBP

MBBS Medicine, BSc Biomedical Technology Ventures, MEd Surgical Education, Master of Public Health

King’s College London


23,160 – 31,080 GBP

BSc Global Health & Social Medicine, Global Health and Social Science BA, MSc Clinical Pharmacology 

Eligibility Criteria for Healthcare Courses in UK

To enrol in healthcare courses in UK, students must meet the university’s eligibility requirements. The university may have different guidelines and admission standards. Thus, students should know specific standard eligibility criteria for undergraduate and graduate programs.


Below are some points that the candidate must fulfil:

  • To enrol in undergraduate healthcare courses, Indian students must have completed a special graduate program from a well-known university.

  • Students are required to pass two A-levels to enter. Furthermore, an undergraduate degree with 55–60% of the potential marks in a relevant field is acceptable.

  • A minimum IELTS score of 6.0, including a 5.5 in each section, will also be required by universities. Additionally, a Grade C/4 GCSE in English and a TOEFL (iBT) score of 90 are also required.

  • To be considered for graduate or master’s degrees, candidates must have obtained at least a 2.2-level (the lower division of a second-class degree) undergraduate degree in a similar discipline from a recognised university. Professionally experienced candidates are usually given preference. 

  • Both educational institutions and UG scores are necessary when a student applies for a healthcare management MBA or MSc program in the UK.

Admission Process of Healthcare Courses in UK

The student’s eligibility determines the admission procedure for all undergraduate and graduate healthcare courses in UK. The student must start the admissions process by following the course application guidelines if they meet the eligibility requirements.


Students must first decide about their desired course and university. They need to check out the requirements for admission, course costs, application costs, application deadlines, and necessary paperwork. Typically, the application process starts with providing essential information on an application form.


Students must proceed to send the necessary paperwork and, if applicable, the application fee. However, to avoid any issues later, verify the data entered in the form one more time. After successfully completing the process, students must wait a few weeks. If students are selected for further consideration, the admission council and relevant authorities will contact them.


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Documents Required in Healthcare Courses in UK

While applying to a program in the healthcare field in the UK or another, students have to submit several documents. The following documents should be kept in both hard copy and soft copy:

  • Certificates of high school education

  • Certificates of undergraduate study

  • Passport

  • Identity verification, such as a PAN card or Aadhar card

  • Academic transcripts

  • Statement of purpose

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Passport size photographs

  • Proof and certificates of professional experience


Application Deadline in Healthcare Courses in UK

All healthcare courses that start in 2025 have an application deadline of October 15, 2024. The deadline for domestic students to apply is January 25, 2025. Students may learn more about deadlines by contacting the admission council and the university administration.

Job Opportunities after Pursuing Healthcare Courses in UK

In the UK, the average salary of a healthcare worker is approximately 28,180 GBP (28 11,250.99 INR). Here are some job opportunities in this industry:

  • Psychiatrist – 66,749 GBP (INR 66, 57,801.20)

  • General Practitioner – 72,851 GBP (INR 72, 67,244.22)

  • Cardiologist – 95,480 GBP (INR 95, 24,597.85)

  • Neurosurgeon – 96,887 GBP (INR 96, 63,571.89)


To sum up, students can enrol in top-notch postgraduate healthcare courses offered by the UK, whether in nursing, clinical research, mental health, or any other field. The blog has covered all the necessary details regarding the healthcare courses in UK, including the top universities and the most preferred courses; you can consider all these details while pursuing healthcare courses in the UK.


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Question: What is the highest-paid job in the UK healthcare industry?

Answer: Here are some of the highest-paying medical roles: medical director, neurosurgeon, anaesthetist, plastic surgeon, psychiatrist, cardiac doctor, director of nursing, and clinical director.


Question: What are the best healthcare courses in UK?

Answer: The top specialisations for healthcare courses in the UK are Toxicology, Mental Health, Optometry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacology, Clinical Research, Leadership and Management in Healthcare, and Occupational Therapy.


Question: What kind of career opportunities are there for Indian students who graduate from postgraduate health courses in the United Kingdom?

Answer: In the UK, postgraduate health degree graduates have many professional choices. They can work in public health, healthcare administration, clinical research, healthcare consulting, epidemiology, health policy-making, and other fields.


Question: What are the eligibility criteria for Indian students applying to postgraduate health courses in the UK?

Answer: The university’s eligibility requirements may vary depending on the particular course. Typically, candidates must have an appropriate undergraduate degree or similar certification. In addition, non-native English speakers may be required to take English language competence exams such as the TOEFL or IELTS.


Question: What is the duration of postgraduate health courses in the UK?

Answer: For master’s programs, postgraduate health courses normally last between one and two years. Nevertheless, the length may change depending on the particular course structure and study type (full or part-time).


Question: Are there any financial aid or scholarships available to Indian students studying postgraduate health courses in the UK?

Answer: Several universities provide scholarships, aid, or scholarships exclusively to Indian students enrolled in health-related programs. Potential applicants can explore diverse funding options offered by academic institutions, government programs, or other organisations.


Question: How can I find a job following a relevant postgraduate degree or a master’s in healthcare management in the UK?

Answer: The majority of universities offer placement services for undergraduate and graduate students. According to the most recent information, individuals can always look for opportunities on the official NHS online job portal.


Question: What are the eligibility criteria to study healthcare courses in UK?

Answer: Students are required to pass two A-levels to enter. Furthermore, an undergraduate degree with 55–60% of the potential marks in a relevant field is acceptable. A minimum IELTS score of 6.0, including a 5.5 in each section, will also be required by universities. Additionally, a Grade C/4 GCSE in English and a TOEFL (iBT) score of 90 are also required.


Question: What documents are required to pursue healthcare courses in UK?

Answer: To pursue healthcare courses in the UK, you need the following documents: Certificates of high school education, Certificates of undergraduate study, Passport, Identity verification, such as a PAN card or Aadhar card, Statement of purpose, Academic transcripts, Letters of recommendation, passport-sized photographs, and Proof and certificates of professional experience.


Question: What is the application deadline for healthcare courses in UK?

Answer: The application deadline for all healthcare courses starting in 2025 is October 15, 2024. The deadline for domestic students to apply is January 25, 2025. 

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