The‎ Job‎ Seeker’s‎ Guide:‎ Navigating‎ Challenges‎ with‎ Expert‎ Strategies ⋆ Margaret Buj, Interview Coach UK

Job‎ seeking‎ started‎ in‎ the‎ early‎ days‎ of‎ human‎ civilization.‎ And‎ in‎ every‎ era,‎ different‎ means‎ were‎ used‎ to‎ find‎ jobs.‎ For‎ example,‎ in‎ the‎ 1970s,‎ job‎ seekers‎ used‎ to‎ hand‎ out‎ their‎ resumes‎ in‎ person‎ to‎ apply‎ for and‎ find‎ a‎ job.‎  Things‎ have‎ completely‎ changed‎ in‎ the‎ current‎ era.‎ With‎ the‎ latest‎ technical‎ … Read more

Describe a Place you Visited where the air was not clean- IELTS Cue Card | Admissify

IELTS, short for International English Language Testing System, is the most liked and used English language examination worldwide. This test is chosen by more than 10,000 establishments globally as a trusted gauge of practical communication skills in real-life situations (IELTS Official Website). It measures how well a person can use their listening skills. IELTS started … Read more

Considering Taking a “Hush Trip”? You May Want to Reconsider. — Careers Done Write

The biggest learning from the pandemic has been that being present in one physical workplace is not essential for every job. In other words, work from home works just fine. As offices have reopened, many workers continue to work remotely. Enter the phenomenon of the “hush trip.”  I learned about the term from this article, … Read more

Hair Stylist

We are looking for a stylist to join our staff. About Ella & Oz Salon:Ella & Oz is an boutique AVEDA salon located in the Admiral District of West Seattle. We have been an Aveda Concept salon for more than 25 years. We consistently work on bettering ourselves and adjusting to changes in the hair … Read more

Studying Abroad in Seville, Spain and Finding a New Home

My study abroad experience was full of incredible emotions, adventures, lessons and new friendships. Studying abroad in Sevilla opened my eyes to a multitude of new cultural traditions, languages, friends, and endless memories.   An iconic staple of Sevilla, the Giralada.  What I Captured  Through these formative four months abroad, I embraced the culture and traditions … Read more