Information gain: Catalyst for next-gen SEO strategies

In the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), buzz is growing around the concept of ‘information gain.’ This new idea is seen as the potential catalyst for the next evolution within the industry. The experts are immersed in deciphering its impact on the relevancy of search results, and we wait with bated breath to see … Read more

Severance Pay: All Your Questions Answered – Freesumes

So you’ve been laid off. That sucks, but a little less if your employer offers you a severance package. Find out how much severance pay you can get after termination and what the requirements are for qualifying (with bonus negotiation tips!).  What is Severance Pay? Severance pay is discretionary monetary compensation provided by the employer … Read more

Alumni Spotlight: Sydni’s Summer Abroad in London at Shakespeare’s Globe

61 Doing a study abroad program can be a life-changing experience. Just ask Sydni, a college student from Hofstra University and an AIFS Abroad Alumni Ambassador who spent a summer studying in London at the iconic Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Now that she’s officially part of our alumni community, Sydni can reflect on her study abroad experience at Shakespeare’s … Read more

No career idea? No problem.

Serendipity…good careers can sometimes occur unexpectedly It seems contradictory as a careers consultant to advise you to ‘embrace uncertainty’ and not to worry if you do not have a career idea or plan. Careers consultants spend a lot of time advising students to develop a plan and work towards a goal. It seems self-evident that … Read more