How to Mentor in a Remote Workplace (Tips and Benefits)

Mentoring is an amazing career development tool, used by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike to develop employees and increase retention and engagement. And as remote working becomes more and more popular, so does remote mentoring. Mentoring remotely might be born out of necessity; alternatively, it might be a mentee’s preference. In any case, … Read more

The Art Of Collaboration: Benjy Rostrum Discusses Building Effective Partnerships For Hip-Hop Career Advancement ⋆ Margaret Buj, Interview Coach UK

Collaboration is a vital thread that weaves artists’ distinct talents, creating a more vibrant and diverse musical landscape. This intertwining of skills and visions has been pivotal in shaping genres, birthing new sounds, and propelling the global music scene forward. Specifically, within the hip-hop industry, collaboration is not just a creative endeavor but a strategic … Read more

How to Boost Your Sales Pipeline with Strategic Travel and Networking Events ⋆ Margaret Buj, Interview Coach UK

Creating and nurturing a robust pipeline is essential for success. Expert Thomas Peter Maletta introduces an innovative approach to pipeline development that leverages the power of strategic travel and networking events. Through this strategy, sales professionals can expand their network and deepen existing relationships, opening the door to new opportunities and potential leads. This approach … Read more

Can Scholarships and Emergency Aid Fix Two-Year College Enrollment? – Scholarship America

Can Scholarships and Emergency Aid Fix Two-Year College Enrollment? By Matt Konrad For millions of students, two-year colleges seem like a perfect fit. Community colleges, vocational-technical institutions and trade schools allow students to pursue valuable higher-education credits more cheaply, flexibly and closer to home than the majority of four-year universities—and they can be a lifeline … Read more