Describe Something You Own And Want To Replace: IELTS cue card | Admissify

The scorecard of the IELTS exam is needed by many of the top universities in foreign countries. The exam shows the individual’s language skills in the English language. You can always appear for the exam whenever you are comfortable. Moreover, the exam is divided into different sections. The speaking section of the exam requires you … Read more

Describe A Sport That You Only Have Watched Before But Have Not Played Yourself: IELTS CUE CARD | Admissify

The IELTS exam is an important requirement for all the universities in the abroad nations. So, if you are planning to study abroad, you will be required to appear for the IELTS exam. It is the language that measures the proficiency in the English language. cue cards the part of the speaking section of the … Read more

Boost Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job

Expert Tips What are Soft Skills? Hello there! Have you ever wondered what sets apart a good professional from a great one?  It’s not just the technical know-how; it’s the often-underestimated power of soft skills. Join us on a comprehensive journey to unravel the magic of these elusive yet essential human attributes that can shape … Read more

What are the Key Differences?

Study Overseas | Top Courses Biotechnology vs Biomedical Engineering In the ever-evolving landscape of science and technology, the fields of biotechnology and biomedical engineering stand out as crucial players in advancing healthcare, agriculture, and various other industries. Despite often being used interchangeably, these two disciplines have distinct focuses and applications. This blog post aims to … Read more

Google overhauls product search for seamless shopping

Google has overhauled product search outputs to deliver a seamless shopping experience. This means users can compare prices without leaving the main search page, with access to a wide array of products and their pricing details. Change has come in the form of unbranded product searches appearing in grid-like boxes. These boxes contain crucial product … Read more

Google enhances search with price comparison feature

Google is making improvements in its product search capabilites, giving users the ability to compare prices directly on the search engine. This is done through a convenient grid of product offers. This grid not only displays the price and name of the product, but also reviews, and the store offering the item. This innovative design … Read more

Q&A: Meet ASPSF’s New Executive Director Jenn Morehead

Jenn started May 6 as Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund’s third executive director. The Arkansas native has over 17 years of experience in fundraising, marketing, communications, and public relations. Get to know our new leader in this Q&A!  Hometown:  Pocahontas Current City: Conway Family: Jenn and her husband, Jeremy, are raising two children Education:  Last position: … Read more

ASPSF Receives LR Chamber’s 2024 Community Impact Award

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund has been recognized with the 2024 Community Impact Award for its commitment to empowering single parents through education.  The accolade was presented at the Small Business Impact Awards luncheon hosted by the Little Rock Regional Chamber on May 8 at the Robinson Center. The event celebrated five awards and 15 … Read more