30+ Awesome Activities for Volunteering and College Scholarships

This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated a tiny bit if you make a purchase after clicking on the links. The Savor Summer College Scholarship winners thank you! Volunteering and College Scholarships Volunteering and college scholarships go hand-in-hand, but many students are stumped when it comes to finding community service activities. Read this list … Read more

Optimizing Startup Office Spaces for Growth and Productivity | Mike McRitchie | Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer

Creating an office environment that fosters growth and supports the evolving needs of a startup is crucial for long-term success. Startup office design goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about crafting a space that enhances productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. By strategically planning the layout, amenities, and atmosphere, startups can cultivate a workplace that not only attracts … Read more

Entrepreneurship Opportunities: Best Business Ideas For Students To Start In College | Mike McRitchie | Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer

image source When you start college, you’re embarking on your first real step toward adulthood. And while this step focuses on education, you might also consider becoming more independent from your parents and actually contributing to your budget. And how to do that in a way that will not mess up your academic pursuits? By … Read more

Boost Your Career Prospects – What You Need To Know | Mike McRitchie | Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer

Image Credit: Brendan Church from Unsplash. Everyone should put at least some time and effort into their career development. Despite that, it’s not something many people think about. Because of that, they could end up hopping from job to job with no real career development. That’s not something anyone wants to settle for. As part … Read more

Chipotle CEO’s Bizarre Interview Highlights the Critical Need for Media Training in Business! — Careers Done Write

Chipotle was all the rage a few years ago. The fast-casual chain offered ample portions, speedy service, and reasonable prices. Recently, the chain has fallen out of favor with its target market, who claim that the portion sizes have shrunk while the prices have skyrocketed. In response to the public outcry (and declining business), Chipotle … Read more

Hotel/ Hospitality/ Resort Job Vacancies in Nepal :: Slicejob

Nepal, the land of soaring mountains, ancient culture, and legendary hospitality, beckons those with a passion for service and a love of adventure. The tourism industry is booming, and with it, exciting opportunities in hotels, restaurants, and resorts. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of working amidst breathtaking scenery and sharing the magic of Nepal with … Read more

Why Study at Harper Adams University?

Harper Adams University, established in 1901 in Shropshire, England, is an English university specialising in agriculture and farming education. It offers over 50 foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate programmes to students from over 30 countries. The 550-hectare campus includes a working farm, Bamford Library, Postgraduate and Professional Development Centre, and specialised centres for crop and farm … Read more

Europe’s Hidden Gems: A Guide for International Students

Studying abroad is widely celebrated as a life-changing experience. From learning a new language to discovering a different culture, experiencing state-of-the-art education to, of course, making friends for life from every corner of the world. The benefits of studying abroad are seemingly never-ending. One activity that features high on every student’s to-do list when arriving … Read more