Career Insights from a Senior Marketing Manager: Q&A with Ryan W. McClellan

Key Takeaways In marketing, formal education is important but not imperative. The essence of marketing is all about trial and error. The fact is Google’s algorithm changes 2.5 times a day; Facebook’s algorithm changes once a week. The biggest mistake is not keeping up with the latest trends. Over-preparing is just as bad as under-preparing, … Read more

Enhancing PR strategies through accurate evaluation

Accurate evaluation has become a crucial element in gauging the effectiveness of PR strategies. By applying specialized measurement tools, companies can enhance their media interaction, make data-driven decisions, and confirm the value of their media partnerships. In short, these tools provide insightful analysis, helping businesses track their PR campaigns’ success, identify strength areas, and spot … Read more

Measuring success in PR campaigns according to Liz McGee

Ever thought about the role metrics play in public relations (PR) campaigns? Well, according to Liz McGee, Director of Communications for the Institute of International Finance, a well-devised measuring system is key. It influences decision-making, validates a campaign’s impact, and can lead to more informed, refined strategies. The key is in the understanding. Not just … Read more

Study reveals challenges and gender disparities in PR profession

According to a recent study conducted by Sapio Consulting, one of the primary challenges faced by PR professionals is juggling multiple tasks. This was identified by a significant 42% of professionals, with other key issues being adapting to the ever-evolving media landscape and meeting rigid deadlines, acknowledged by 36% and 34% of respondents, respectively. Equally … Read more

Exploring Post-Graduation Work Opportunities in the UK

For fresh graduates seeking to launch their careers in a fast-paced, cutthroat employment market, starting the path of post-graduation work options in the UK gives them a world of possibilities. As international students navigate the various options available, understanding the significance of gaining work experience and post-graduation is crucial for laying a solid foundation for … Read more

Navigating the Australian Education System: Students Guide

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to study in Australia? Navigating the Australian education system can seem overwhelming, especially for international students. This guide will simplify everything, from choosing the right Australian universities to understanding the unique aspects of studying abroad in Australia. The Australian education system is known for its high standards and … Read more

How to Apply and Maximize Chances: Top Scholarships in Canada -AEC

Have you ever dreamed of studying in Canada but worried about the cost? You’re not alone. Canada is a top destination for international students due to its world-class education and welcoming environment. But let’s face it, tuition and living expenses can be daunting. The good news? There are numerous Canadian scholarships available that can help … Read more

Why Climate Science Matters for International Law – Climate Law Blog

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) issued an advisory opinion on April 21, 2024 in response to a request submitted by the Commission of Small Island States on Climate Change and International Law (COSIS). While various aspects of the advisory opinion have already been discussed in this joint blog symposium, this … Read more

4 Ways To Upskill At Work To Get That Promotion

In cold weather climates, the beginning of spring is a time to clean the house and get organized—a practice known as spring cleaning. Through the years, spring cleaning has taken on a larger meaning with people using the time to organize and declutter things in their lives. For professionals on the job hunt, a little … Read more